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What is DayZRedux? (Aggregate Change List from DayZ)

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[ Vanilla DayZ Bug Fixes ]
  • No longer possible to drink/eat without consuming the food item
  • No longer possible to pitch a tent without consuming the tent
  • No longer possible to put on clothes without consuming the clothing
  • No longer possible to build sand bags/cat wire/hedgehogs without consuming the itme
  • No longer possible to consume medical supplies (bandages/etc) without consuming them
  • No longer possible to generate free filled water bottles with an unfilled water bottle
  • No longer possible to create axes out of thin air if you already have one
  • Switching skins no longer repairs pain shakes/broken legs
  • Switching skins no longer resets/dupes/screws with your backpack
  • Switching skins no longer resets ammo
  • Duping no longer possible through zombie corpses/backpacks/etc
  • Duping is no longer possible by alt +F4, Shift + P, using a macro to take objects more than once etc.
  • You can no longer teleport a player via dragging then getting into a vehicle.
  • You may eat and drink in vehicles; items used are properly consumed now.
  • You cannot abort or respawn by lagging your game intentionally.
  • Zombies cannot hit moving vehicles > 10 m/s.
  • Medical actions, load or drag wounded/dead works properly.
  • Vehicles save fuel properly
  • uicontrol UI error fixed
  • It should now be impossible for a new spawn to spawn unconscious (wasn't too uncommon when dying/respawning in vanilla DayZ).
  • You can no longer cook infinite free meat from camp fires
  • Survivors should no longer pickup a single item at the same time and both receive it.
  • You can no longer generate multiple tents while packing up a deployed tent.
  • Fixed zombie death animations (no longer sprint forward before dying)
  • Exploit/dupe involving disconnecting fixed
  • Bear traps work properly and do not leave behind invisible traps when picked up
  • Vehicle bug that "insta-repaired" vehicles no longer happens
  • Tents no longer creep on each restart (just once on first restart, then never again)
  • The "bend down" animation will now only play when attempting to fill a water bottle if you are actually able to fill it.
  • Can no longer abuse blood bags to spam infinite humanity
  • Syncing to the database is no longer possible if you're at the debug spawn location, meaning if you somehow go there a relog should address the problem.
  • Combat roll has been replaced by a smoother vault animation.
  • Players with broken legs are no longer able to abort while in combat (causing a combat log death).
  • Your body or other players' bodies no longer disappear after the dead player leaves the game too quickly. There is no more body cleanup unless the body is buried and should result in combat logging bodies staying behind instead of disappearing.
[ New Mechanics/Features ]
  • Combat System. If you fire a weapon, someone fires a weapon near you, or a bullet/object impacts near you, then you go into combat. During combat, "ABORT" is disabled. If you ALT-F4/close anyway, your character is considered "combat logged" and instantly killed and leaves a body. A timer in the upper right (will be removed eventually) and a G17 gun icon near your temperature icon indicate whether you're in combat or not.
  • Chloroform. In an experiment to see how heroes and bandits alike use it, Chloroform now rarely spawn in hospitals. You use it just like a blood bag, and it will knock the person unconscious for 3.5 minutes. You can drag them around, load them into a vehicle, or whatever else sounds fun!
  • Vehicle flipping. You can now flip any vehicle over that has been flipped (despite it being unrealistic for cars/trucks, the whole reason this feature is really necessary is because of how buggy things can get in the first place). Just use the scroll action menu on a flipped ATV or what not and flip it back over.
  • Vehicle inspection. Shows up when you are looking at a vehicle and have a toolbox. Pops up an interface with any and all damaged parts (0% meaning destroyed) as well as the vehicle general health. I would advise ignoring the in-vehicle HUD for anything but gas, as this new interface is substantially more granular and helpful. No more chopper leaks because now you'll know exactly what needs fixing!
  • Crowbars can be "tool belted" just like hatchets. Yay! :D
  • Tents can no longer be placed in or near buildings. They must also be placed on grass or forest (not, for example, concrete)
  • Zombies can now hear weapons fire 15% further than in regular DayZ
  • If you have a "Box of Matches", you can set tents and storage boxes on fire. This destroys their contents and deletes them from the database so they don't return on restart. Note: you will be prompted to confirm your actions.
  • You can no longer force feed yourself. You must be at least 1/4 of the way to blinking food/drink before you can consume food/drink.
  • The last thing to damage you when you die should now be logged server-side for review (player + ammo used)
  • Introduced entirely custom "construction" logic, of which the new Storage Box and Nails uses (idea inspired by Stapo's construction system, although mine is entirely custom from scratch).
  • Any entirely brand new and custom vehicle spawning mechanic was custom written for DayZ Redux. There are 504 potential spawns all over the map. Literally every labeled town has at least a few potential vehicle spawns. However, the total active vehicles on the map is still relatively similar to vanilla DayZ. The intention is just to spread vehicles out. The only exception is that there is a substantial amount of bicycles that will be available at any given time map-wide (about 25-30). Vehicles spawn based on "type" versus always being a "green skoda" or "hatchback".
  • Custom clothing system, when wearing certain types of clothes you are given a buff to environmental effects. For example, if you are wearing heavy clothing like the hero military skin you are given a buff to cold weather, wind, rain etc. Keep these benefits in mind when choosing what skin you want to wear.
  • Customization of first and third person settings via the mission file/server admin. By default the setting is set to first person on foot and third person in vehicles, but you can turn this off or change it to third person on foot first person in a vehicle. If you want to disable third person all together use the difficulty settings for your server.
  • All new movement system by the way of SMK Animations lite, credits go to Smookie & Lao Fei Mao from Armaholic and BIS forums. Allows players to fire above there heads and around doors without exposing themselves, vault over low walls, slide on their knees, and more.
  • Empty/free slot display for vehicles, tents, all objects you can store things in. It is displayed in the top left of the gear display and is in the following format. Weapons/Magazine/Backpack slots available. So if it says 0/23/1 that means it can fit 0 more weapons, 23 more magazines and 1 more backpack.
  • Completely custom body disposal mechanic. There is no more hidebody option, it has been removed. Instead it has been replaced with the ability to drag bodies away and requires a player to dig a grave (requires an entrenching tool) which then a player can bury the body and a grave cross is left behind to mark where the player has died. It is the same for Zeds only there is no cross left behind.
  • You can remove parts from vehicles provided that they are more than 90% repaired, meaning that you cannot take off a damaged part, there is also a small chance of breaking it. You must be the only player within 10 meters of the vehicle to be able to remove parts, to prevent duping.
  • Improved clothing system, there are now a bandit and survivor variant for every clothing (besides bait runner). See the post below for further explanation.
[ Chernarus Changes (ChernarusRedux) ]

This is a modification of Chernarus to make more towns worthy of being visited and not just bypassed. This will be done by adding enterable buildings to most towns that have none or a severe lack of them. The following towns/areas have at least their initial preview/test of ChernarusRedux changes live:
  • Kamenka (more residential, more industrial, a supermarket, and two military tents off in the field west of Kamenka)
  • North East Airfield (one barracks, fire station, two more hangars, a single medical tent, and a few other flavor items)
  • New factory located on the West end of the map. Custom designed by Alexander.
  • New survivor style defensible "base" located at Klen mountain. Custom designed by Alexander. Deer stands don't spawn loot, but there are two fortifications that spawn hospital gear and two fortifications that spawn military gear. Their spawn is geared down substantially, though, to account for the fact that we made the base zombie-free. The C130 spawns Barracks loot but has plenty of zombies around it.
  • New small Zelenogorsk military camp, good for medical supplies and weapons. Basically, it contains 2 medical tents and 4 military tents.
[ Backpack Changes ]
  • You no longer spawn with a backpack of any kind.
  • Backpack spawns rates adjusted to be in line with smaller backpacks being more common and larger ones being more rare.
  • Residential spawn backpacks are now: Czech Vest Pouch (6), Patrol Pack (8), Assault Pack (12)
  • Military spawn backpacks are now: Czech Backpack (16), ALICE pack (20), Coyote backpack (24)
  • Custom backpacks from DayZ have been brought over to redux, but the stats have been redone to match their ArmA equivalents, Ex. the new ACU has 12 slots.
[ General Loot Changes ]
  • Loot piles across the board are slightly more rare, with some areas having trash/general piles have a higher chance of spawning. Generally, good stuff is more rare.
  • The loot spawning mechanics have been adjusted slightly to hopefully spawn a bit more intuitively and require less attempting to "game the system" just to get loot.
  • You are rewarded for NOT loot cycling/loot piling buildings by making chances for new loot piles more likely next cycle if you leave loot piles alone that you don't want.
  • Loot (and zombies) spawn even if you're in a vehicle, negating the "park'n'walk" requirement for getting loot.
  • Both existing ammo boxes have been removed and replaced with a 10x STANAG, 10x AK, 10x AKM ammo box
  • The "Map" no longer spawns by its lonesome, but with other general loot around it just like all of the other tools.
  • GPS removed from military loot (only spawns in barracks/heli crashes now)
  • Ghillie/Cammo removed from residential loot (only spawns in military/barracks/heli crashes now)
  • Assorted loot piles now spawn with 1 less item (3 instead of 5).
  • Introduced new loot item called "Nails". Rare spawn in industrial areas.
  • Introduced new persistent storage container called "Storage Box". Created using nails, a toolbox, and wood pile. Holds 4 weapon/tools and 20 items. Can be placed ANYWHERE (unlike tents)
[ Helicopter Crash Changes ]
  • Helicopter crashes no longer spawn instantaneously on server start. They are randomly spawned at random times during the "life" of the server (the time until its next automated restart). This means nobody can instantly farm them if they play during restart hours, and there is no period in time that is more advantageous than another to look for them. I won't reveal the specifics of how this works and how many helis per life cycle spawn.
  • Loot piles per-crash type vary, and smoke persistent varies per crash type.
  • "Good Heli Crash Loot" is more rare, with military/medical supplies/ammo boxes being a bit more common.
  • Rangefinders, GPS, M4A1 Holo, M16A4 ACOG, AK107 PSO, and M40A3 added to loot table.
  • 5 new crash site designs have been added to Redux. All of them are of varying models (UH-1Y, AH-6J, BMP2, HMMWV, UH-60, Mi-8) with unique loot tables (from basic med supplies/food to medium level weaponry). Some have smoke, some don't. Have fun discovering them.
  • There is a maximum of 10 crash sites per restart, the actual amount of crashes in randomized, there is a minimum of 4 crashes per restart.
[ Weapon Spawn Changes ]
  • All weapons now spawn with 1-2 mags instead of 0-3 in vanilla. Helicopter crash weapons are an exception and always spawn with 2-3 mags.
  • All sniper rifles removed EXCEPT for the CZ550 and the M40A3. The CZ550 now only spawns in Deer Stands and the M24 only with helicopter crashes. Both are very rare. Ammo for these rifles does NOT spawn organically in the game and you only get what you find with the gun itself.
  • All silenced weapons removed EXCEPT for the M9 SD and MP5 SD. Both spawn only at helicopter crashes. Both are very rare. Ammo for these weapons does NOT spawn organically in the game and you only get what you find with the gun itself.
  • One LMG removed (M240), the rest (Mk48 Mod 0 and M249) now only spawn at helicopter crashes. Ammo for these guns does NOT spawn organically in the game and you only get what you find with the gun itself.
  • Some rifles just flat out removed: FN FAL AN/PVS-4 and L85A2 AWS
  • Added one rifle: AKS 107 PSO (the closest analog I can explain it as would be like the AK version of the M16A4 ACOG)
  • All weapons with optics moved to Barracks and/or Heli Crash loot only. For regular military spawns, you will only ever get iron sight rifles. This means the M4A1 CCO, M4A3 CCO, and AKS 74 Kobra are now barracks only loot.
  • Lee Enfield and Winchester removed from residential loot. Farm Only.
  • M136 replaced with RPG7V
  • Machetes added and spawn chance on par with hatches in farms only.
  • The M24 (from earlier Redux databases) has been replaced by the M40A3. The M24 is still in the game, only on server with old databases (before 1.1.0) and do not spawn anymore.
  • As of 1.1.0 multiple new weapons have been added - Scar H CQC CCO (UH-1Y wrecks only), L85 CCO GL (Barracks only), G36A_camo (BMP crash only), SA58V_RCO (Acog, barracks only), Sa58P (basic military spawns).
[ Zombies Changes ]
  • Zombie density should be slightly higher and therefore cause zombies to become that much more of a nuisance more quickly.
  • Zombies will still spawn even if you're in a vehicle.
  • Zombies will not damage you in moving vehicles > 10 m/s.
[ Vehicle Changes ]
  • Getting in or out of a vehicle auto-saves everything about it (stats/damage/position etc.)
  • Adjusting gear contents of a vehicle or tent auto-saves it (Prevents duping)
  • Vehicles now save upon taking damage and take proper damage (no insta-repair on getting out/in)
  • Ability to flip vehicles right side up
  • When repairing a vehicle, the selectable parts in the action menu to repair are now limited to parts that actually have at least 1 point of damage. Pristine (100% health) parts will not show up.
  • A toolbox is now required to repair any vehicle. As a result, toolboxes are slightly more common. The intent is just to make sure you have to go look for a toolbox. It's not intended to bottleneck things and make toolboxes the NVGs of vehicles.
[ New Vehicles]
  • MH-6J (non-combat 6-seater littlebird; flares removed since they can destroy buildings (what the heck, arma?))
  • HMMWV Ambulance added. The closest analog to it would be a UAZ.
  • Vodnik MedEvac added. The closest analog is an armored Ural/V3S that's amphibious. 1 per server.
  • Old Moto added. Identical to the existing motorcycles, just looks different.
  • GAZ Limo. Identical to the existing GAZ, just has a snazzy black paint job.
  • HMMWV added.
[ Miscellaneous ]
  • Switching skins now properly remembers your chosen weapon vs. switching to the first 'weapon' item you ever obtained
  • Picking up a "weapon" form of a crowbar/axe no longer switches you to the first 'weapon' item you ever obtained
  • Debug Menu removed entirely from game. Not even a toggle.
  • Disabled automatic player body cleanup (will leave this to scheduled restarts to give players a chance to get their stuff)
  • All tents use the new dark green camping tent model vs. the old original DayZ model.
  • There is now an enforced "play area". The coordinates are X: 0 - 147; Y: 0 - 153.6. If you exceed this boundary, you will be instantly killed. If you're in a vehicle, the vehicle will be exploded as well.
  • When you are closer than 1 kilometer to the edge of the map a skull and crossbones appears and will go from green to red depending on distance, this is your only warning of the debug being able to kill you!
  • Server keys for JSRS, ACEX_SM, ST_movement and st_evasion are included by default but JSRS and ACEX_SM keys are optional.
  • You cannot host a local server (only dedicated servers are allowed) or load into the editor, they have been removed due possible exploitation of the load in preview.

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New skin breakdown.
Note that these are in addition to the standard bandit, survivor and hero skins.
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Also there is the bait runner skin:

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